Who We Are

The Cypress Philharmonic was formed to fill a void in the cultural landscape of Cypress. Although our schools are overflowing with gifted student musicians, these budding performers have had little exposure to the high-caliber symphonic concerts and ensembles that are so crucial to their musical development.

Cypress Philharmonic and Maestro Lanthier in rehearsal

Cypress Philharmonic and Maestro Lanthier in rehearsal

We provide a venue in which Cypress’s talented force of music educators collaborate with other local musicians and artists to create incredible music. For our community as a whole, this means an excellent orchestra at our fingertips. For our young people, this means professional role models to learn from and to emulate.

Classical music is a living, vibrant, and enrapturing art form. The Cypress Philharmonic is dedicated to bringing symphonic music out of the past and making it relevant for our current generations. With every presentation of the classics of Beethoven, Mozart, Mendelssohn, and the like, we explore contemporary musical voices that reflect our modern world.

Please join us as we embark on this musical journey!

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