Get ready for Summer Pops…

Season Concert #3 ~ Summertime

Stirrings of Autumn
Saturday, June 28, 2014
7:00 pm
The Berry Center

Ice cream, camping trips, barbecue, and Cypress’ newest summer tradition… When you’re ready to get out of the heat for a few hours, come inside for Cypress Philharmonic’s Summer Pops concert!

Bring the little ones and join us for live music and family fun. And it’s right down the street – what could be better?

Stay tuned for ticket and program information…

A symphony orchestra for Cypress

Cypress Philharmonic musicians

Cypress Philharmonic musicians

Our mission is to enrich the Cypress community through quality performances of both enduring orchestral masterpieces and recent symphonic works. Our organization proudly draws from the burgeoning pool of musicians, staff, and supporters who already live and work in Cypress.

We strive to weave together the otherwise unconnected creative threads in the community by collaborating with performing artists across the spectrum, including dancers, actors, vocalists, and other musicians. Cypress has the potential to become a crown jewel on the cultural landscape, and we intend to develop that potential to its fullest extent.

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